DL Technology

Distance Learning Technology

Computer Requirements

Certain minimal requirements are necessary to successfully participate in our live classes. Most computers purchased within the last two years will meet these minimal requirements.

We also supply the recorded lectures in multiple formats for your mobile devices. Want to listen to lecture while you work? Navigate to your Blackboard/Canvas account and download the mp3 version of the lecture. Prefer to watch a video recording of the lecture? Download the video recording to either your computer or your mobile device for review.

Ensure your computer is compatible by reviewing these technical requirements.

For Distance Learning Technical Support, please click here.

The Distance Learning Environment at Tulane

The faculty and staff at CAEPH work hard to create a stimulating learning environment. The education you receive through distance learning is comparable to our on-campus programs, but is designed for distance delivery to adult learners. We strive for academic excellence and go out of our way to provide student support and a sense of community. At Tulane we take pride in the quality, relevance and rigor of our distance learning courses. Our technology and our personnel encourage academic exchange between the instructors and students and among classmates in each course.

Evaluations of our synchronous delivery format show that students overwhelmingly prefer the real-time virtual classroom format that we offer, as opposed to the "read the posted materials and write a paper" variety.

We foster networking among our students. We strive to open your horizons to new knowledge, expand your skills in the field or in management, and further your intellectual curiosity. Even though you will not be on-campus, we have designed our course materials to stimulate learning at the master's level. Your classmates will also be a source of intellectual debate and new ideas.

Virtual classroom convenience

The distance learning program makes it possible for full time working professionals to earn an accredited Master of Public Health (MPH or MSPH) degree while taking "live" classes on line in the evenings. Our classes are all on line and offered synchronously. This means that you enter our virtual classroom with other students and the professor in real time. You never have to come to campus.*

*Air Sampling (required for MSPH in Industrial Hygiene) has a one week on campus laboratory requirement at Tulane all other classes entirely on line.

Online course delivery

  • User-friendly interface to the virtual classroom
  • "Concierge" type technical support. The distance learning (DL) IT staff focus is solely on DL students and supporting them and do not support other IT or university issues. They are here for YOU!
  • Accessible from any location at any time via the Internet. We have had students complete their degree from an oil rig 100 miles off the African coast
  • Using Blackboard/Canvas you are able to: turn in assignments, view recorded lectures, participate in discussion boards and connect with faculty.
  • For classes requiring group work we can create virtual environment for your study group and meeting sites.
  • Even though on line your access to faculty and other students is virtually unlimited.

Campus Tour

Distance Learning Virtual Campus Tour


CAEPH, 1440 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70112, 504-988-1774