Distance Learning
GEHS 6050

GEHS 6050 - Population Behavior and Environmental Public Health, 3 credits

Changes in the human ecosystem during the last decades have altered human health and behaviors. This course teaches students how human ecology affects behavior. The influence of select group of human ecological factors and population behaviors as related to public health and its practice. Various topics addressed include environmental aspects of justice, social, economic, and ethical issues, exposures to biological, chemical and physical agents through air, food, water and work environment, the perceived and actual risks of these exposures, and behavioral modification to prevent exposure and promote public health and wellness. This course focuses on Risk Reduction and Health Promotion. (OH)

Course Learning Objectives

The student will be able to:

  1. Describe ways to gather information in the history, physical and laboratory examination to evaluate the risk profile of the client and screen for early-stage diseases.
  2. Analyze ways to utilize information gathered from the history, physical and laboratory examination.
  3. Evaluate various methods to talk to clients about specific health behaviors such as smoking or physical inactivity.
  4. Devise methods to implement key methods to communicate to clients about health promotion activities for your own office practice.
  5. Discuss ways to organize office and clinic systems to deliver preventative services.

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