Distance Learning
GEHS 7240

GEHS 7240 - Applying Systems Thinking to EH&S, 3 credits

This course presents the application of systems thinking principles to address strategic occupational health, safety and environmental management (OHSEM) messes. The course covers the nature of OHSM systems; learning and adaptation; the differences between administration, management and leadership; a detailed understanding of Interactive Planning as applied to OHSM; the nature of change; leadership mindsets; and the competencies that distinguish superior performance.

Course Learning Objectives

The student will be able to:

  1. Apply systems thinking principles to OSHM messes and understand that OSHM systems consist of a set of systemic processes designed to accomplish organizational purposes.
  2. Implement the processes that are needed to bring an idealized OSHM system into reality.
  3. Recognize the tenets that are required for an OSHM system to learn and adapt.
  4. 4Illustrate how and describe why a systems approach would be an exceptional way to address and/or take advantage of major developments in OSHM management.
  5. Employ proven project management processes and skills to OSHM strategic management projects.

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