Distance Learning
GEHS 6720

GEHS 6720 - Principles of Industrial Hygiene, 3 credits

Respirators, pulmonary function testing, details of OSHA including major health standards and policy decisions, the Toxic Substance Control Act, and management of industry, are discussed in detail. Areas of particular concern to the class will be added. (OH, IH)

Course Learning Objectives

The student will be able to:

  1. Describe the fundamental concepts and principles of occupational and environmental hazards in the workplace and community.
  2. Identify and describe key elements of recognizing and evaluating biological, chemical, and physical hazards.
  3. Discuss and describe the hierarchy of control methods and their application in preventing and containing occupational hazards.
  4. Discuss applicable regulations and standards used to assist making workplaces safe and healthy for workers.

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