Distance Learning
GEHS 6920

GEHS 6920 - Environmental Sampling, Monitoring and Analysis in a Disaster, 3 credits

This course is deigned to provide students with knowledge and tools for sampling and monitoring of the environment following a disaster such as floods, hurricanes, earth quakes, explosions. During this course, students will also be exposed to field sampling and become familiar with laboratory instruments used for chemical, biological and physical agents sampling analysis.

Course Learning Objectives

The student will be able to:

  1. Explain principles of monitoring and sampling.
  2. Define and compare random sampling to composite sampling.
  3. Identify factors affecting sampling and decision making.
  4. Discuss methods of surveying an area following a disaster. Explain how ASPECTS works.
  5. Describe sampling protocols, apply sampling protocol in the field : water, indoor and outdoor air, soil and sediment.
  6. Describe QA/QC procedures \Complete chain of custody forms.
  7. Describe procedure and laboratory instruments for sample analysis.

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