Distance Learning
GEHS 6930

GEHS 6930 - Population Issues during Disaster, 3 credits

The United States is among other global communities that attempt to prepare its citizens for potential mass casualty events such as natural disasters, terrorism, or a pandemic flu outbreak. This course introduces disaster theory and overviews the United States’ National Response Framework. Core population health issues that present during the management of disasters are examined. Developing preparedness at the local level is emphasized. Fundamental concepts of emergency management and leadership are discussed.

Course Learning Objectives

The student will be able to:

  1. Understand terms used by disaster management professionals in both the practical and the research environment.
  2. Describe the inception and the evolution of the United States’ National Response Framework and how other emergency management institutions are grounded in its doctrine.
  3. Apply disaster management population issues to multiple response entities by using landmark disasters, disaster management issues and subsequent policy changes in the US federal emergency preparedness infrastructure.

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