Distance Learning
GEHS 6540

GEHS 6540 - Occupational Health Services, 3 credits

This course is designed to provide the student with an overview of the occupational health services and systems needed for the practice of occupational medicine and preventive medicine. The course will provide a description and analysis of occupational health care organizations, systems and contemporary public policy issues. It will comprehensively introduce and review past and present occupational health service systems and facilities and will provide fundamental knowledge of the present organization, mission and function of these systems and facilities. Some comparisons in key areas will also be made to other healthcare systems. Course is offered via Distance Learning only, alternate summers. (Formerly GEHS 6150).

Course Learning Objectives

After taking this course, student will be able to:

  1. Discuss the historical development and evolution of health care agencies, institutions and systems as related to occupational medicine.
  2. Discuss Occupational Medicine requirements in the work place.
  3. Analyze the organizational pattern, role, legal basis, responsibility and relationships of official and voluntary health agencies.
  4. Discuss characteristics, and categories of private and public health insurance coverage (i.e. Medicare and Medicaid) and managed care and differentiate those covered under worker protection and general medical care.
  5. Classify the characteristics of community hospitals and specialty hospitals, including acute general hospitals, mental hospitals, and long-term care institutions.
  6. Illustrate the contemporary fiscal and management issues in occupational medicine, with emphasis on the problem of cost containment and medical effectiveness.
  7. Summarize the history of the occupational health and safety movement in the United States.
  8. Identify various legal issues confronting the occupational medicine in public and private sectors, including health facilities.
  9. Analyze the contemporary Occupational medicine issues in health policy at state and national levels.
  10. Explain the past and current legislation and policy related health care delivery systems.

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