Distance Learning
GEHS 6320

GEHS 6320 - Workplace Wellness, 3 credits

Health, as it relates to the workplace, is created by two major forces; what employees bring with them into the workplace (e.g. personal resources, health practices, beliefs and attitudes) and the impact of the workplace on employees (e.g. organization of work in both a physical and psychological sense). Health promotion focuses on the elements that make up a healthy workplace and includes the physical environment, health practices and social environment & personal resources. This course focuses on the total well-being of individuals and groups within a corporate and community context. It emphasizes a holistic approach to achieving workplace, community, and personal wellness.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe essential programming, management and communication skills needed to become effective managers of wellness programs for organizations and individuals.
  2. Promote a multi-disciplinary approach to well-being
  3. Develop a business case for wellness
  4. Evaluate health risk factors
  5. Market and promote wellness programs
  6. Design, implement and evaluate effective wellness strategies and programs
  7. Manage programs and personnel in accordance with organizational policies and procedures
  8. Implement lifestyle coaching skills
  9. Utilize a variety of presentation techniques and strategies which can be applied to a variety of audiences and projects
  10. Develop skills and strategies to promote personal well-being

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