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GEHS 7290- Environmental Health Assessments, 3 credits

This course utilizes case studies to integrate the approach to the assessment, management and communication issues associated with environmental contaminants, hazardous wastes and human health effects of populations living near hazardous waste sites. The course is designed to prepare health professionals to address issues dealing with integrating and utilizing information from: Public Health Assessments, Exposure Assessments, Toxicology, Health Studies, and other reports. It integrates health promotion strategies and risk communication principles as management strategies.

Course Learning Objectives

The student will be able to:

1. Define the public health assessment process as mandated under CERCLA

2. Explain health hazard categories, public health advisories, and public health interventions.

3. Describe the purpose and types of exposure assessment

4. Describe uses of health assessment

5. List the types of information that are commonly available on hazardous waste sites.

6. List the major laws and regulations governing hazardous materials and define relationship of each to health

7. Name CERCLA priority substances with completed pathways of exposure

8. List the key target organs for CERCLA substances

9. Describe the major effects of concern at low levels of exposure

10. Describe the conditions required for a health study

11. Describe the limitations of health studies.

12.  Describe causation in epidemiological studies and apply to disease clusters

13.  Describe the occupational health and safety risks at hazardous waste sites


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