2012 Centennial Celebration

Share Your Memories

Share Your Memories

In preparation for Tulane SPHTM's centennial in 2012, we invite all alumni to share your memories with us for inclusion in the celebration. Share your favorite professor or class, recount your best experience, express how your education has influenced your life, and even post a photo from your time as a student. Be a part of this memorable time in Tulane SPHTM's history! 

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Your Memories:

"I learned so much from my Tulane professors Dominique Meekers and Anastasia Gage that came into play. I was able to help develop a support group into a holistic approach that addresses not only medical assistance, but also economic stability, psychosocial support, and leadership training." -- Andrew Koleros, '05, IHD

"My favorite professors were Kate MacIntyre and Neil Boris. I took two of his classes even though they didn't necessarily fit into my concentration just because I loved his classes so much." -- Gwyneth Cotes '03, MPH, IHD

"I took a course in field epidemiology from Dr. Dorothy Leblanc. I'll never forget her saying, 'The most important things you need to conduct a field study are three sharpened number-two lead pencils.' She was absolutely right! All of us have these major forks in the road. Dr. LeBlanc convinced me that serving people through public health was a worthwhile way to spend the rest of my life." -- Stephen Heartwell '68/'72, MPH/PHD, EPI

"Within two months graduating, I was sent to the Industrial Hygiene Department at U.S. Naval Hospital Guam. I was the boss of an entire department. My public health training definitely prepared me for industrial health. The track at Tulane can be difficult at times, but well worth it when you get out in the real world. When I look back at who best prepared me for my profession it would have to be Roy Rando. He sets the bar high. You either achieve it, or change tracks." -- Lt. Tanya Bates '08, EHS


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