Argentine Doctoral Training in Implementation Research (ADTIRL)


The main objective of the ADTIRL program is to provide doctoral training in implementation research in Argentina. The goal is to build a sustainable, in-country doctoral program allowing Argentine researchers to become successful independent investigators.

Implementation research evaluates approaches to implement evidence-based interventions, and hence to improve the quality and effectiveness of health care.  Implementation research includes the use of randomized controlled trials and rigorous operational research to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions designed to promote the uptake of research findings into routine healthcare. It also includes a multi-disciplinary approach to understand the determinants of non-communicable diseases and the cultural, socio-economic, and behavioral barriers to implementation of effective interventions. Our approach starts in the pre-conceptional period and includes the entire lifespan.

This "sandwich PhD program" offers doctoral training to qualified candidates who have graduated from the master's program at the Institute for Clinical Effectiveness and Health Policy (IECS) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, or from an equivalent program. Trainees enroll in the PhD program at the University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine and take one year of coursework at the Tulane SPHTM.

After completing the program, trainees are offered positions and opportunities to collaborate with IECS in ongoing research activities, especially those related to NIH-funded projects. They are also provided with opportunities to teach PhD students in Argentina.

Current Trainees

Cohort 1
Karen Klein
Mercedes MacMullen
Cyntia Spira

Cohort 2
Mabel Berrueta
Veronica Pingray


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