Jennifer Holland    

Jennifer E. Holland, PhD
adjunct assistant professor
Department of Global Environmental Health Sciences
Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
1440 Canal Street, Suite 2100
New Orleans, LA 70112
Fax: 504.988.1726


Research Interests:

Innovations in oxidative technologies - including multiple oxidants, advanced oxidation, and electrolysis - in the applications of water and air purification, nuclear residuals management, and energy production.


Professional Achievements:

  • Louisiana Board of Regents Fellowship
  • Battelle Memorial Institute Graduate Fellowship
  • Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges
  • The Chancellor's List

Educational Background:

  • PhD Civil Engineering, Tulane University
  • MS Civil Engineering, Tulane University
  • BS Engineering & Applied Science, California Institute of Technology

Selected Publications: 

Sunkara B, Zhan J, Kolesnichenko I, Wang Y, He J, Holland JE, McPherson GL, John VT. Modifying metal nanoparticle placement on carbon supports using an aerosol-based process, with application to the environmental remediation of chlorinated hydrocarbons. Langmuir. 2011 June 21; 27(12):7854-9. Epub 2011 May 25.

Holland, J.E. "Oxidative Dissolution of Chromium Solids in Industrial Applications and Naturally Occurring Processes." for submittal to Chemical Reviews.

Holland, J.E., Deskin, B.J., Reimers, R.S., Boyd, G.R., Englande, A.J. "Sensitivity of the Standard Indigo Colorimetric Method for Residual Ozone in the Measurement of Residual Hydrogen Peroxide in Aqueous Samples." for submittal to Analytical Chemistry.

Holland, J.E. "Development and Preliminary Optimization of a Nebulizing Advanced Oxidation Technology." for submittal to Environmental Science and Technology.

Holland, J.E. 2006. "Multiple Oxidant Synergism in Chromium Separation from Hanford High Level Nuclear Waste Components." American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting Conference Proceeding, San Francisco, California, November 12th – 17th.

Holland, J.E., Hamel, W.F., Alexander, D.W. 2006. "Refinement of the Alkaline Oxidative Leaching Process to Remove Chromium and Aluminum from Hanford Nuclear Waste." American Institute of Chemical Engineers Spring National Meeting Conference Proceedings, Orlando, Florida, April 23rd – 27th.

Hill, D.W., Matousek, R., Herwig, R., Holland, J.E., Reimers, R.S., 2005. "Environmental Effects of Electrolytically Generated Halogens for Biofouling Control." International Water Conference, Orlando, Florida, October 9th – 13th.

Holland, J.E., Reimers, R.S., Englande, A.J., Liu, A., and Geeti, A. 2001. "The Efficacy of Mixed Oxidants for Disinfection and Polishing of Potable and Wastewater Systems." WEFTEC Conference Proceedings, Atlanta, Georgia, October 13th - 17th.

Olaiya, C., Holland, J.E., Alexander, D.H., Reimers, R.S. 2007. Method of Oxidizing. The Board of Educators of Tulane University, The United States Department of Energy. International Application # PCT/US2007/001877.

Holland, J.E. and Reimers, R.S. 2006. Nebulizing Treatment Process. The Board of Educators of Tulane University. International Application # PCT/US2005/043997.

Personal Statement:

Dr. Holland joined the Environmental Health Science Department as an adjunct faculty member in August of 2006 after incorporating her business, JEH Consulting, Inc., in January of 2006. As an independent consultant, she primarily supports the United States Department of Energy Offices of Environmental Management and River Protection in the remediation of the Hanford Nuclear Waste Site in Washington State. Her research for DOE involves the refinement of chemical processing steps to separate key nonradioactive species, namely chromium and aluminum, from high level radioactive species to reduce the total mass of high level residuals requiring management.

Her research interests further support technologies which enhance management of nuclear residuals in support of nonproliferation as well as applications of advanced oxidation, electrolytic, and other innovative technologies for safe drinking water, sustainability, and homeland security.

Level of Instruction:

research, graduate

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