LuAnn White   

LuAnn White, PhD
Professor; Director of the Tulane Center for Applied Environmental Public Health
Department of Global Environmental Health Sciences
Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
1440 Canal Street, Suite 800
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: (504) 988-1774
Fax: (504) 988-7352




Research Interests:

Children's health; environmental assessments of disasters 


Professional Achievements:

  • 1995-present, Director Tulane Center for Applied Environmental Public Health (CAEPH)
  • 2002-present, Director, Center of Excellence/ Environmental Public Health Tracking
  • 2008-present, Director, New Orleans Study Center, NIH National Children's Study
  • 1981-present Consulting Toxicologist, State of Louisiana, Department of Health and Hospitals 

Educational Background:

  • PhD (NIH) Postdoctoral Fellowship - Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • PhD, Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • BS, St. Mary's Dominican College, New Orleans, Louisiana

Selected Publications: 

Grimsley LF, Chulada PC, Kennedy S, White L, Wildfire J, Cohn RD, Mitchell H, Thornton E, El-Dahr J, Mvula MM, Sterling Y, Martin WJ, Stephens KU, Lichtveld M. Indoor environmental exposures for children with asthma enrolled in the HEAL study, post-Katrina New Orleans. Environ Health Perspect. 2012 Nov;120(11):1600-6.

Grimsley LF, Wildfire J, Lichtveld M, Kennedy S, El-Dahr JM, Chulada PC, Cohn R, Mitchell H, Thornton E, Mvula M, Sterling Y, Martin W, Stephens K, White L. Few Associations Found between Mold and Other Allergen Concentrations in the Home versus Skin Sensitivity from Children with Asthma after Hurricane Katrina in the Head-Off Environmental Asthma in Louisiana Study. Int J Pediatr. 2012;2012:427358. Epub 2012 Dec 6.

Indoor Environmental Exposures for Children with Asthma Enrolled in the HEAL Study, Post-Katrina New Orleans. Grimsley LF, Chulada PC, Kennedy S, White L, Wildfire J, Cohn RD, Mitchell H, Thornton E, El-Dahr J, Mvula MM, Sterling Y, Martin WJ, Stephens KU, Lichtveld M. Environ Health Perspect. 2012 Aug 9.

Barbeau, DN, Grimsley LF, White, LE, El-Dahr , JM, Lichtveld, M. Mold Exposure and Health Effects Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Annu. Rev. Public Health 2010. 31:2.1–2.14

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White, LE, Krousel-Wood, MA, Mather, F. Technology Meets Health Care: Distance Learning and Telehealth, The Ochsner Journal, 3(1): 23-30, 2001. 


Personal Statement:

LuAnn E. White, PhD, DABT, is the Director of the Tulane Center for Applied Environmental Health (CAEPH) at Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. She is a toxicologist and professor in the Department of Environmental Health. She directs the Academic Partners of Excellence for the Environmental Public Health Tracking Network funded by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. She also directs the New Orleans Study Center for the NIH National Children's Study.

Dr. White's research focuses on environmental factors that impact children's health, particularly childhood lead poisoning and environmental triggers of asthma. She also studies other vulnerable population including the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the elderly. She also works on several studies with the EPHT network on the impact of air pollutants on respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Dr. White has been a leader in developing models for environmental health training and education programs . She initiated the first master's degree programs in environmental and occupational health using distance learning technologies in 1994. Currently, CAEPH offers 4 master's degree programs by distance learning to build capacity among environmental and occupational health professionals.


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