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SWAG & Printed Materials Guidelines for Staff and Faculty


Need some SPHTM-branded Gifts?

SPHTM-branded items are available for sale in-person to students, staff, faculty, and fans of the school. A sample of available products is kept current in the display case on the first floor outside of the student lounge and in the storage cabinet in the SPHTM open office space.

Beginning Fall Semester 2012, new guidelines will help the communications and marketing team to manage product and fulfill orders more efficiently. 

  1. Please schedule an appointment to view available products and make purchases at least one week in advance.  Appointments can be made by calling Tara Brown at x81605 or emailing In most cases, a Dean’s Office graduate assistant will coordinate your purchase.
  2. If you have an idea of what you wish to purchase, please fill out this form so a graduate assistant can have your order ready.
  3. If you have a large number of items (10+) you would like to purchase, please fill out this form and be sure to indicate the price point you are looking to spend at least 6-8 weeks in advance.  Some products are made outside of the U.S. and may take several weeks to refill stock if we do not have large quantities available in house.
  4. If you have specific needs for items we don’t have in stock, we can provide a contact for you in designing new items. Please keep us apprised of the product(s) you order. Items cannot have a logo or graphic design other than official school or university logos.
  5. Gift bags and tissue are available. If large numbers are required, there will be a cost.  
  6. Occasionally, we will have items available for minimal-to-no cost, such as pens, beads, sticky pads, etc.  We do not have an endless supply of items such as this for departments and centers.  Please plan to pay for items in most circumstances. 

Attached to this document is a current inventory and price list. Please note that availability changes rapidly. Costs reflect the Dean’s Office cost to purchase these items and are not “marked up,” other than rounding off for convenience.

Purchases can be made in cash, check, and IT.  We can provide an invoice.


Print Materials

The Dean’s Office also provides marketing materials about the school, departments, and centers. These include:

  • The Academic Bulletin
  • One-sheets on all departments and many centers
  • Tulane is Global Health brochures
  • Master’s International brochures
  • Global Health magazine
  • Various other flyers and publications
  • Folders

We will provide up to 250 one-sheets and up to 100 folders to departments and centers each fiscal year. Departments and centers will be charged for reorders. Other items are provided based on availability. Please submit a request for items using this form.



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