MD/MPH Program

A Message from the Associate Dean

M.A. Krousel-Wood, MD, MSPH, Associate Dean for Public Health and Medical Education

As you embark on the next phase of your education, this is an excellent time to consider expanding your educational opportunities to include public health training. A report of the Institute of Medicine indicated a sense of urgency in the need for an effective health care system that can respond to the public health threats ranging from AIDS and bioterrorism to an epidemic of obesity.(1)  In the current era of medicine, physicians not only deliver medical care to individuals but also focus on improving the health of the populations they serve. "The physician who appreciates the role and potential for public health interventions—public education, social campaigns, standards and regulations, ordinances and laws, surveillance and preparedness—has a deeper understanding of the circumstances that preserve health, of the importance of disease prevention, and the interfaces between personal medical care and community health protection."(2)  The program offerings through the Tulane Schools of Medicine and of Public Health and Tropical Medicine that integrate medical education and public health provide the foundation for better understanding of individual- and population-based health needs for improved health.

With over 160 students currently enrolled, Tulane's largest integrated medical and public health program is the 4-year MD/MPH Combined Degree program. Tulane medical students seeking public health training other than the 4- year MD/MPH have the opportunity to enroll in the MD/PhD in Public Health program (,  the Public Health Certificate program (, or the 5-year MD/MPH Combined Degree program (  The wide range of opportunities in public health training gives students the opportunity to gain exposure to core concepts of public health or a more concentrated combined degree program. 

Career paths of physicians with public health training include academics, clinical research, clinical practice, international health, public policy, public health administration, health care administration and consultation, and practice management. Other potential career paths include positions that focus on integrating clinical and basic biology with public health strategies.

We invite you to explore the public health training possibilities for Tulane medical students.  The public health and medical education training programs allow you an excellent avenue to maximize your learning experiences and to position you for leadership roles in the future.


(1) "Who Will Keep the Public Healthy?  Educating Public Health Professionals for the 21st Century." Institue of Medicine Report, National Academy Press, November 2002.

(2) "Public Health and Medicine.  Where the Twain Shall Meet" American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Elsevier Inc, October 2011.



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