MD/MPH Program

MD/MPH Scholarships and Funding

Scroll down to see eligibility and application details for the following scholarship and funding opportunities available to current MD/MPH students:

  • Merit-Based Scholarships
  • Research-Based Scholarships
  • Travel Grants

All scholarship and funding opportunities require that MD/MPH students are in good standing in both School of Medicine and School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and are making appropriate progress toward fulfilling their combined degree requirements.


Merit-Based Scholarships

A limited number of merit-based scholarships may be available to students accepted into Tulane University's MD/MPH combined degree program.  The MD/MPH scholarship awards are based on objective and subjective criteria and are designated for public health tuition.  Students are automatically considered for a merit-based scholarship award when they apply to the MD/MPH combined degree program if any scholarships are available.  There is no separate merit-based scholarship application.  March 15 (before a student's T1 year in SOM) is the application deadline to receive priority consideration for a merit-based scholarship.  

Please use this link for more details about eligibility for MD/MPH merit-based scholarships.

All merit-based scholarships have been allocated to the MD/MPH Class of 2020.


Research-Based Scholarships

The MD/MPH program has several research-based scholarships available to MD/MPH students who develop and complete a research experience that results in a written document (formatted as a peer-reviewed manuscript) and PowerPoint presentation.  

Please contact the MD/MPH program office for descriptions and details about research-based scholarships in the areas of (1) cancer or diseases of the heart, (2) arthritis and rheumatism, (3) arteriosclerosis and/or atherosclerosis.

Please contact the MD/MPH program office for a description and details of the MD/MPH Endowed Hayward Scholar in Genetics, which emphasizes the interface between public health and medical genetics with a required mentored practicum experience relating the two disciplines.


Travel Grants

The MD/MPH Travel Grant fund will provide 2 students a year up to $500.00 each to defray the costs associated with attending academic and/or professional conferences at which they present.  These funds can be used towards reimbursement for travel-related expenses (e.g., airfare, hotel, meals, etc.) and conference-related fees (e.g., registration).


In addition, MD/MPH students are encouraged to contact their student liaisons to the School of Medicine student government and the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine student government to explore additional or alternative school and university student funding.


1440 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-988-5388 or 800-676-5389