MD/MPH Program

MD/MPH Travel Grants

We are pleased to announce our new MD/MPH Travel Grants!

The MD/MPH Travel Grant fund will provide 2 students a year up to $500.00 each to defray the costs associated with attending academic and/or professional conferences at which they present.  These funds can be used towards reimbursement for travel-related expenses (e.g., airfare, hotel, meals, etc.) and conference-related fees (e.g., registration).

Students requesting reimbursement for travel to conferences must provide appropriate documentation to receive reimbursement for their participation at academic and professional conferences.

We hope that these travel grants will make it easier for our students to share their work and knowledge at conferences around the country. 


Travel Grant Application Checklist:

Students must submit an application to the MD/MPH Program Office for a Travel Grant within 2 weeks of return from a conference. A completed application must be submitted to the MD/MPH Program office.  Applications will be reviewed and if approved, notification of grants will be given within 1 month following application submission. Reimbursement depends on University guidelines. Travel grant awards are competitive and each application will be reviewed carefully.

Along with the application students must submit an abstract and a short (1pg) statement describing their experience and why they believe they should be awarded a travel grant.

 A complete application will include the following (please note no incomplete applications will be processed):

  • Application (follow this link) * Works best in Internet Explorer
    • Itemized receipts for airfare (boarding passes as well), accommodations, registration fees, meal receipts (no receipts with alcohol will be processed) EMAIL to
  • Letter of Acceptance/Invitation to Present for the conference to EMAIL to

**No reimbursement will be given for airfare, hotel, and car rentals made on discount travel websites (Expedia, Travelocity, etc.) per University guidelines.  All reservations must be made with the airline, hotel, or car rental agency you are using.  Itemized and detailed bills/receipts are required for reimbursement


Applications for the MD/MPH Travel Grants will be accepted beginning July 1, 2013.



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