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Abby Aldridge dancing with community members in Togo

The Master's International Program allows students to earn their Master in Public Health or Master of Science in Public Health while simultaneously serving in the United States Peace Corps. The program is designed for students to apply skills learned in an academic setting toward solving important health problems in developing countries during their service overseas.  Our MI program at Tulane University is one of the oldest in the country, founded in September 1988.  In 25 years, Tulane public health students have served in over forty countries around the world.

Over the years, Tulane's Master's International program has risen above many other universities to become the national's premiere Peace Corps school.

Students spend three to four semesters earning  a Master of Public Health (MPH) or a Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) at Tulane University in New Orleans. Here, they will study under the guidance of internationally respected professors, many of whom are returned Peace Corps volunteers themselves. During their time at Tulane they participate in seminars created to prepare them for service overseas, and have the option to participate in language programs designed to enhance their speaking ability for placement in more competitive countries.Brittany Lane facilitating a camp session, Botswana.

Once finished with their coursework, students will leave Tulane to begin their service in a country assigned by the Peace Corps. While serving, the student will write quarterly reports and create a practicum project that will build on the skills they have learned in the classroom setting. Once their service and practicum are completed, the student will return home not only a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, but also a graduate of Tulane University. 



 Benefits of the Masters International Program at Tulane:

  •  Earn a Master's in Public Health as a part of service in the Peace Corps
  •  Attend monthly meetings to enhance international awareness and prepare for living overseas
  • Language learning software and programs offered for those wanting to earn placement in Spanish or French speaking programs
  • Participate in the New Orleans Peace Corps community with the Louisiana Peace Corps Association (LPCA)
  • Participate in organized community service activities throughout New Orleans
  • Create and implement their own practicum project while in the Peace Corps
  •  Assistance in readjustment and job placement after service in the Peace Corps
  • Integration into one of the strongest Peace Corps communities in the nation!

 Herre Eschner, Paraguay Krista Brooks, Guyana








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