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Participating Schools at Tulane University

School of Medicine

School of Medicine

Founded in 1834, Tulane University's School of Medicine is the 15th oldest medical school in the United States. The School of Medicine has a proud and distinguished history of providing care for the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region, as well as to diverse populations from around the world. The School's mission is to advance knowledge in the field of medicine through innovative medical education, cutting-edge health research, and quality clinical services.


School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

The Tulane SPHTM is recognized as one of the foremost public health schools in the nation and is the only school of public health in the U.S. with a Department of Tropical Medicine. The SPHTM is comprised of six departments: Epidemiology, Global Biostatistics and Data Science, Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences, Global Environmental Health Sciences, Global Health Management and Policy, and Tropical Medicine. Each department offers several public health academic curricula, including master's and doctoral programs.

Science & Engineering

School of Science and Engineering

The School of Science and Engineering provides opportunities for learning and discovery in science and engineering and fosters an environment that is student focused, research intensive, entrepreneurial, and responsive to the needs of the community. The School combines the very best of a top-tier research university with a strong commitment to high quality undergraduate education.

Social Work

School of Social Work

The Tulane School of Social Work seeks to educate social work professionals who will develop and expand resources for those in need, advocate for social and economic justice, and engage in research that addresses the problems of modern society. Since its inception in 1935, the School has awarded the MSW degree to more than 6,000 students from all 50 of the United States and more than 30 other countries.

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Participating Centers at Tulane University


Center for Emerging Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology (CERPE)

Global reproductive epidemiology is the primary research activity of the Center for Emerging Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology (CERPE), which is directed by Dr. Pierre Buekens. The CERPE has research and academic activities spanning several of the SPHTM's departments and the School of Medicine.




Health Office for Latin America (HOLA)

The mission of the Health Office for Latin America is to foster and promote collaborative public health research in Latin America between Tulane University faculty and their Latin American research counterparts.

Stone Center

Stone Center for Latin American Studies

Tulane University has long pursued a mission of advancing research in Latin America and has a core faculty of 70 Latin Americanists within the Stone Center. Students and faculty benefit from the holdings of the Latin American library and a network of contacts with public officials, non-governmental organizations, and academic leaders in Latin America.


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International Collaborating Sites


Asociacion Benefica PRISMA - Lima, Peru

PRISMA is a non-governmental organization committed to the development, implementation, and evaluation of health and community development projects in Peru. Their activities range from health project implementation and policy work to microfinance programs, program evaluation, and biomedical research. PRISMA's various multidisciplinary units collaborate to utilize each unit's strengths in developing, implementing, and evaluating projects and work with communities and policy makers at local, regional, and national levels to ensure the success of its various activities.


Institute for Clinical Effectiveness and Health Policy - Buenos Aires, Argentina

IECS is an independent, non-profit organization that aims to conduct and promote research and evaluation projects and to generate scientific and epidemiological knowledge to respond to local demands. IECS's Department of Mother and Child Health Research aims to help improve the global health of mothers and their children.

Salud Publica

Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica - Cuernavaca, Mexico

As one of the largest public health institutions in the developing world, as well as Mexico's leading public health academic institution, INSP has served as the leader for improving public health in Mexico and training public health specialists throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. INSP is one of Mexico's 12 National Institutes of Health and is responsible for graduate training, conducting research, evaluating programs, and assisting in the formulation of national health policy.

Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Program - Lima, Peru

The Peru-Johns Hopkins site has numerous laboratory and field facilities. The main laboratory is the Laboratory of Infectious Diseases, which is located at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia and includes a level 3 tuberculosis lab. The site also has a laboratory in Iquitos and works with local university and Ministry of Health laboratories in Arequipa.


Soochow University - Suzhou, China

The focus of collaborative research at Soochow University is population-based studies of the epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases, which is the primary research topic of a collaborative group of investigators based in the Department of Epidemiology at the SPHTM. The Tulane group has made numerous contributions in this field, including the well-known Bogalusa Heart Study of cardiovascular disease. This expertise in field-based research of chronic diseases is now being applied in a native Chinese population, where studies of cardiovascular disease are relatively few.



Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia - Lima, Peru

The UPCH is a cultural and scientific institution of excellence, recognized in Peru and internationally for training and research in medicine and the health sciences. It has played an important role in the development of public health in Peru.

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