Belgian Hoover Fellow to work with GHSD faculty on project in the DRC

Samia Laokri, PhD, has received a Hoover Fellowship from the Belgian American Educational Fund (BAEF) to spend a year at the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine as a post-doctoral fellow in Global Health Systems and Development.

Hoover Fellow Samia Laorki

Dr. Samia Laokri

Dr. Laokri will work with Dr. David Hotchkiss, JP Morgan Chase Professor of Health Care Finance and vice chair of the department. As part of her post-doctoral research focusing on equity in health financing and care utilization she will collaborate on an access to primary health care project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Specifically, she will develop the empirical assessment of the role of user fees and waivers on the utilization of care services, including preventive, curative, and family planning services.

Dr. Laokri has contributed regularly to international congresses and she was already interested in joining a U.S. research team when she first heard about Tulane through a webinar. “But the turning point was soon after I met Professor Pierre Buekens,” she says. “He introduced me to Professor David Hotchkiss. Now, I am invited to join his team and work on this huge project on equity and health financing in Africa. For me, this project is the perfect fit after the thesis. We have many shared interests.”

The Belgian American Educational Foundation, Inc., is the leading independent philanthropy in support of exchanging university students, scientists, and scholars between the United States and Belgium. When millions of Belgians were on the verge of starvation during World War I, future U.S. president Herbert Hoover organized the Committee for Relief in Belgium. After the war, this relief effort gave birth to the foundation now known as BAEF.

Tulane is the only school of public health receiving a BAEF fellow this year, among 81 fellows attending U.S. universities.

Dr. Laokri received her PhD from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and her mentor in Brussels is Professor Bruno Dujardin. Her doctoral thesis was on "Assessing cost-of-illness in a user's perspective: Two micro-costing studies towards evidence informed policy-making for tuberculosis control in sub-Saharan Africa."

Dee Boling
July 18, 2014



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