123 Years of Service: Career Recognition Event for AJ Englande, Jr., Fran Mather, and Robert Reimers

Faculty and staff gathered in the Diboll Gallery Monday, April 29 to celebrate the distinguished careers of three SPHTM professors who are retiring at the end of spring semester: AJ Englande, Jr. PhD, in the Global Environmental Health Sciences department; Fran Mather, PhD, in the Biostatistics and Bioinformatics department; and Robert Reimers, PhD, in the Global Environmental Health Sciences department. Together the three faculty have contributed 123 years of service to the SPHTM and have each been instrumental in defining their department and pushing their disciplines forward. Mather has seen the school through technology upgrades and served as director of Academic Information Systems. She has also been an active biostatician in numerous research projects and studies. Englande and Reimers, who have been colleagues and close friends for more than 40 years, shaped the GEHS department with their work in wastewater management, clean water access, and coastal wetlands restoration work. They are both prolific publishers in their field and have served as principal investigators on many water management projects and studies. Dean Pierre Buekens presented each person with a plaque commending their careers, and the department chairs presented gifts -- an extravagant wine and cheese basket to Dr. Mather and beautiful photograph of Louisiana waterways to Drs. Englande and Reimers. Lots of laughs, hugs, and good wishes were shared with the three honorees.

AJ Englande, Fran Mather, Robert Reimers

The three honorees: AJ Englande, PhD, Fran Mather, PhD, and Robert Reimers, PhD.


Cake! That's a lot of years of dedication, professionalism, and mentoring students to fit on one cake!

AJ Englande with Dean Pierre Buekens

Dean Pierre Buekens and AJ Englande, Jr. are both all smiles as Dean Buekens presents a plaque to Englande celebrating his 44 years of service to the SPHTM.

Fran Mather with Dean Pierre Buekens

More smiles and a warm handshake shared as Dean Buekens presents Mather with her plaque recognizing 41 years of service to the SPHTM.

Robert Reimers with Dean Pierre Buekns

Dean Buekens and Reimers sharing a handshake and smiles as a plaque celebrating Reiemrs 38 years of service to the SPHTM is presented.

Biography Posters for Englande, Mather, and Reimers

Biographical posters celebrating the professors careers. They loved their posters and took them with them!

Ann Anderson and Robert Reimers

Dr. Ann Anderson, former SPHTM dean, gives Robert Reimers a big hug while Dr. Gerald Berenson looks on.

Maureen Lichtveld and AJ Englande

GEHS chair Maureen Lichtveld, PhD offers heartfelt praise for AJ Englande's remarkable career and countless contributions to the department.  

Fran Mather and John LeFante

John LeFante, PhD and Fran Mather, PhD share a laugh as he reminisces about working with her over the years.

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