We’re Global, and It Shows!Global Research Map

Who at SPHTM is researching mental health in Vietnam?

How many of our researchers are working in Ethiopia?

What does SPHTM have going on in Argentina?

Inquiring minds now have a quick and visual answer to questions like these with the school’s brand new Research Map

The map complements the existing list of countries where Tulane faculty are active in research, teaching, and collaborative projects. Development of the map has been overseen by Associate Dean for Research Geetha Bansal with input from faculty as well as the organization and dedication of several graduate student workers.

The map was developed using ARCGis software which is commonly used in research mapping and other educational purposes. Each “pin” on the research map represents a faculty member’s research or teaching in that country. Clicking on a pin brings up a bubble providing faculty name and research interests, with a link to the professor’s profile.

“Faculty have long requested this kind of map where they can demonstrate where they and their colleagues at SPHTM are at work,” said Bansal. “The map truly demonstrates the global reach this school has in terms of faculty experience. It’s really quite remarkable.”

Since school faculty are never at rest, student workers will continue to update and modify the map under the direction of dean’s office staff. The audience for the map includes not only internal stakeholders, but also prospective students, potential funders, and other researchers, who can get quick information and insight into SPHTM research. “They think it’s great!” says Bansal.

June 20, 2013


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