SPHTM’s Scholarship Fundraising  Set to Exceed Its Goal

Centennial Giving GlobeIf you come in and out of the Tidewater building from Canal Street, you may have noticed that the Centennial Giving Globe poster tracking our scholarship fundraising efforts has increased from its starting point of $25,000 to an incredible $125,000! The goal is to reach $200,000 in endowed scholarships for SPHTM students by the Centennial in November, 2012, and all signs seem to be pointing towards not only reaching but exceeding that goal.

The Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine has a long history of educating young minds and inspiring a deep and lasting commitment to global health.  That education comes at a cost.  It is a substantial challenge for many of our students to cover the costs of earning a public health degree at Tulane, and in order to continue to attract the most promising students the school needs to increase the number of endowed scholarships available.

The SPHTM Centennial is more – much more – than a celebration. The 3-day event, and the time leading up to it, is an opportunity to build the school’s endowed scholarships and prepare for future generations of international health researchers and global health practitioners.

Make your plans to attend Centennial now and take advantage of early bird registration rates. While we have offered Centennial registration at rates far below the true cost of the Centennial, we hope you will consider defraying more of the costs or even giving an additional amount that will go directly toward helping future students. All funds over and above costs for the Centennial events will be put towards endowed scholarship funds.



June 13, 2012


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