Tulane is Global Health

Your Career in Global Health

Careers in global health can be international or state-side.No doubt about it, global health is a growing field that will continue to be in high demand in the future. Tulane SPHTM takes a very global approach to education because we know our students will find a globally focused world on the other side of their degree. Just as it would be folly to pursue a business degree without considering global business practices and cultural concerns, you can't really pursue population-based health in the 21st Century without considering how travel, immigration, climate, and industrialization have impacted health around the world.


Where will I use my global health education?

Does a global health career mean that you'll be working abroad? Not necessarily. Global health concerns health issues that cross borders and national boundaries, so many alumni work domestically, but their work definitely is definitely global in nature. Think of health issues like HIV/AIDS, influenza, or tobacco-related diseases, which can be found throughout the world including here in the U.S.

No matter what your chosen area, your career in global health will impact populations. One graduate may work in a healthcare facility managing health concerns for an elderly population. Another graduate could pursue career in program evaluation for an NGO based in a region of Africa, while a third addresses health concerns that impact immigrants to the U.S.


How will I use my global health education?

Really, the options for a global health career are endless and growing in need. You may work for a state health agency or for an international nongovernmental agency. You could work for a nonprofit policy center or with the ministry of health of a foreign country. You might crunch numbers for a variety of projects at home and abroad. There is no academic field at Tulane SPHTM that does not have a global health component. Global health careers have much less to do with where you work than the work you do. At Tulane, we are concerned with improving health everywhere.

To learn more about the types of organizations and jobs your global health education prepares you for, visit the Career Services section of the website.



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