Interdisciplinary Innovative Programs Hub

I2PH for Global Public Health, or

I, too, (for) Public Health!

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A changing world requires fresh approaches. The I2PH is designed to address the ever-changing issues of global health by increasing the quality of innovative research that impacts these issues. How? I2PH serves as a research incubator where students, faculty and staff can gather to collaborate on projects, mentor and educate each other, discover new opportunities, and share knowledge and innovative ideas. 

The word, "hub", means the center of activity where all formative action occurs. Consider I2PH as the hub of a wheel, in which the spokes work together to facilitate the movement of the outer rim. Figuratively speaking, the spokes are the various incubators of activity and together, they move the wheel, the interdisciplinary outcome that makes up Public Health.



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Interdisiplinary Innovative Programs Hub

1440 Canal Street, Suite 1714

New Orleans, LA 70112

(504)988-0867 or 988-1789

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