Infectious Diseases - Malaria


Faculty Member


Research Interests

Ahmed Aly

Tropical Medicine

  • Biology of malaria parasite mosquito stages and mammalian liver stages

Thomas Eisele

Global Health Systems and Development

  • Epidemiology with focus on malaria and child survival
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Survey/sampling methodology

Joseph Keating

Global Health Systems and Development

  • Vector-borne disease ecology
  • Program evaluation

Donald Krogstad

Tropical Medicine

  • Molecular and genetic basis of resistance to chloroquine and quinine
  • Techniques for the characterization of individual clones of malaria parasites
  • Development of methods to study pathogeneticity

Nirbhay Kumar

Tropical Medicine

  • Immunobiology of malaria transmission
  • Transmission blocking faccine
  • Immune memory in malaria
  • Recombination mechanisms in Plasmodium
  • Helminth-Plasmodioum co-infections
  • Animal models for human malaria vaccines
  • Parasite-vector interactions

Kate Macintyre

Global Health Systems and Development

  • Health policy
  • Re-emerging infectious diseases
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Juan Pizarro

Tropical Medicine

  • To investigate the interactions between human and parasite proteins to understand the host-parasite relationship between Plasmodium falciparum and its human host.

Mark Wiser

Tropical Medicine

  • Molecular and cellular biology of protozoan parasites and their interactions with host cells
  • Host-parasite interactions

Joshua Yukich

Global Health Systems and Development

  • Epidemiology and economics of vector-borne disease
  • Malaria control in sub-Saharan Africa and the economics of targeted interventions


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