Faculty Member


Research Interest

Daniel Bausch

Tropical Medicine

  • Global Pathogen Surveillance and Discovery
  • ARRA-Multiplex Mass Tag PRC for African Viral Hemorrhagic Fever
  • Director, Department of Emerging Infections

Laura Murphy

Global Health Systems and Developmen

  • Social impacts of AIDS
  • Technology and society
  • Population-environment-development

Dawn Wesson





Valerie Paz- Soldan

Tropical Medicine





Global Health Systems and Development

  • Ecology of arbovirus transmission
  • Host-pathogen coevolution
  • Development of novel vector control strategies and tools
  • Effect of arbovirus infection on human pregnancy outcome
  • Medical entomology
  • Novel vector control methods
  • Examining Human Behavior in Dengue Prevention Efforts in Iquitos
  • Can Insecticide Treated Curtains Reduce Dengue Transmission in Iquitos
  • Measuring Entomological Risk for Dengue in Iquitos
  • Evaluation of Attractant - Baited Lethal Ovitrap for Dengue Prevention

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