Faculty Member


Research Interest

ted chen
Ted Chen

Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences

  • Tobacco control
  • International health
  • Behavior sciences
  • Health promotion
  • Health education
  • Health leadership training
  • Community health sciences
  • Asian American health

Carolyn Johnson

Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences

  • Behavioral medicine: modification of risk factors for cardiovascular disease, cancer and other chronic diseases, such as smoking, diet, physical activity, and stress
  • School-based health promotion
  • Community prevention
  • Women's health

aubrey madkour
Aubrey Madkour

Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences

  • Social and contexual determinants of tobacco use among youth in North Africa

Gabriele Sabbioni

Global Environmental Health Sciences

  • Determination of tobacco related chemical carcinogens in biological fluids: urinary metabolites, hemoglobin-adducts
  • Phenotyping of enzymes involved in the metabolism of tobacco carcinogens

Larry Webber


  • Obesity
  • Patient compliance
  • Risk reduction behavior
  • Tobacco use cessation
  • Biometry
  • Epidemiologic research design
  • Epidemiolgic study characteristics
  • Regression analysis


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