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Tips for Faculty and Staff


Supporting Students' Health and Wellbeing

The middle of the semester can be a stressful time as students prepare for mid-semester exams. While most students are able to cope with this additional pressure, some may need assistance or support.

Faculty and staff are often the first to witness a change in a student's behavior. Behavior that is inconsistent with past experience may be a sign that a student needs help. Some warning signs that a student is in distress include: nervousness, increased irritability or undue abrasive behavior, poorly prepared work, change in attendance patterns, and marked change in personal hygiene, as well as alarming behavior. If you identify these or other unusual signals in a student, follow these guidelines:

  1. Request to see the student in private.
  2. Listen carefully to the student and attempt to identify the student's problem or concern.
  3. Do not ignore unusual and/or inappropriate behavior. The student can be informed that such behavior is distracting and inappropriate.
  4. Involve yourself only as far as you feel comfortable. At times, in an attempt to reach or help a student, you may become more involved than time or comfort permits.
  5. Encourage students to call the Center for Educational Resources and Counseling (ERC) at 504-865-5113 or the Student Health Center at 504-865-5255 if you believe that professional counseling might be beneficial. In an emergency, you may contact the ERC receptionist and request to speak to the staff member on call. Let the receptionist know who you are and what kind of services you are requesting.
  6. You can also contact Assistant Dean of Students Erica Woodley in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. Erica can help identify students at risk or in distress in order to provide early interventions and maximize student success. Erica may be reached at 504-314-2160 or

If you encounter an emergency situation after business hours, call the Tulane University Police Department (TUPD) at 504-865-5200. TUPD will notify a professional Counseling Services staff member about your request for an emergency consultation.



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