Department of Tropical Medicine Events


Academic Year 2016-2017


Department of Tropical Medicine Seminar Series

1:00 PM-2:00 PM JBJ Conference Room, 504*

Spring 2017

February 13: Dr. James Robinson (TU) " Human Monoclonal Antibodies as Therapeutic Agents for Infectious Diseases"

February 20: 28th Annual health Sciences Research days 2017

February 27: Mardi Gras Break 

March 6: Sarah Michaels (PhD student DTM) " Factors Impacting the Urban Transmission Potential of Mosquitoborne Arboviruses in New Orleans, Louisiana"

March 13: Dr. John Schieffelin (TU) "Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Research in Sierra Leone at a Crossroads"

March 27: Spring Break

April 3: Dr. Lisa Morici (TU)

April 10: Dr. Lina Moses

April 17: Dr. Samantha Gerlach (TU, DU)

April 24: General Faculty Meeting

May 1: Dr. Ahmed Aly (DTM)

Fall 2016

September 12: Dr. Nirbhay Kumar (DTM) "A vaccine aimed at Malaria elimination"

September 19: General Faculty Meeting

October 3: Dr. Chris Davitt (School of Medicine, TU) "Big Impact, Small Particles; Activation of Immunity by Bacterial nano particles"

October 10: Trevor Thompson (Ph.D. student, DTM) "Molecular Evaluation of an Investigational Aminoquinoline developed to circumvent Chloroquine Resistance in Plasmodium falciparum"

October 17: Catherine Nation (Ph.D. student, DTM) "HSP90 and promastigote to amastigote differentiation in Leishmania amazonensis"

October 24: Dr. Namita Rout (TNPRC) "Role of non classical T-cells in host defense to infectious diseases"

October 31: Panpim Thongsripong (Ph.D. student, DTM) "Investigation of mosquito-borne disease risk in New Orleans"

November 7: Dr. Claudia Herrera (DTM) "A framework for a bilateral partnership in tropical disease research: reflections from undergraduate student fieldwork with Chagas disease."

November 14: ASTMH - 65th Annual meeting (November 13-17)

November 21: Dr. Natthida Petchampai (DTM) "Biochemical and molecular studies of pyruvate kinase in mosquitoes"

November 28: Dr. Pedro Mas (Cuba) "Cuban Experiences on Communicable Disease Control"

November 30: Dr. Pedro Mas (Cuba) "Public Health in Cuba: Present and Future"


*The DTM Seminar schedule was last updated August 24, 2016*


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