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Diploma Course in Clinical Tropical Medicine and Traveler's Health


Program Director

Susan McLellan, MD, MPH


Mission Statement

The Diploma Course program prepares health professionals with clinical backgrounds to deal with the important public health problems of tropical developing countries. This program prepares physicians to define the epidemiologic, biologic and social aspects of tropical diseases; it also prepares the participants to evaluate and plan disease prevention and control programs.   The Diploma course is a 4 month program for health care professionals intended to prepare them for the Certification Exam in Clinical Tropical Medicine and Traveler's Health offered every other year by the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTM&H).  

Graduates of the Diploma Course degree program are prepared to:

  • work overseas in disease control programs within tropical developing countries;
  • plan and implement disease control programs at the local, provincial, national or international level;
  • teach the most important diagnostic and management aspects of clinical tropical medicine, emphasizing public health issues related to the transmission of soil-borne, vector-borne, water-borne and other diseases.

Program Description

The program provides a structured curriculum with practical instruction in tropical medicine, including the pathophysiology, clinical features, diagnosis, treatment, and control of diseases prevalent in the tropics. All of the courses required for this program are also required for students in the master of public health and tropical medicine (MPH&TM) program.


Admission Requirements

By offering this program in the fall semester, the Tulane Diploma Course has been able to take advantage of faculty and courses that were already established for the MPH&TM and MSPH programs. This strategy has also led to the development of new courses, developed exclusively for Diploma Course students, and to modification of the MPH&TM and MSPH programs. Applicants should hold the degree of doctor of medicine, doctor of osteopathic medicine, or its equivalent from a recognized institution. Applications from other qualified health professionals, such as registered nurses and physician's assistants, will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Like the MPH&TM program, the Diploma Course is open to students in the Tulane University School of Medicine. 

Applicants must also submit a career statement and written evaluations from 3 referees.  The TOEFL exam is required for applicants whose primary language is not English. For more information, please visit the SPHTM Admissions page.


Application Requirements 

For application information, please e-mail the Department at


Program Competencies


Program Requirements

The program requires the equivalent of 15 credits of coursework, which can be completed in a single Fall semester. Because the Diploma Course does not award a master's degree in public health, there is no requirement for core courses, practicum, or culminating experience.  However, students may arrange to apply credit hours from the Diploma Course toward a MPH&TM degree or another MPH degree. (Students must then complete the remaining requirements for the MPH or MPH&TM in order to receive those degrees.) Courses leading to the Diploma in Clinical Tropical Medicine and Traveler's Health are not offered in the Spring or Summer semesters.

Model Course Schedule

Fall Semester (Total: 15 hours)           

  • TRMD 6310 Clinical Tropical Medicine (2 hours)
  • TRMD 6330 Microbial Diseases of the Tropics (2 hours)
  • TRMD 6340 Diagnostic Laboratory Methods in Microbiology (2 hours)
  • TRMD 6350 Disease Prevention & Control in Developing Countries (2 hours)
  • TRMD 6360 Clinical Tropical Medicine Case Presentations (1 hour)
  • TRMD 7000 Tropical Medicine Seminar (1 hour)
  • TRMD 6050 Medical Helminthology (2 hours)
  • TRMD 6070 Medical Protozoology (2 hours)
  • TRMD 6090 Parasitology laboratory (1 hour)

For more information, please contact the Department at


Department of Tropical Medicine, 1440 Canal Street, Suite 2301, New Orleans, LA 70112, 504-988-3558