DTM Past Seminars


Past Department of Tropical Medicine Seminars

Spring 2016

January 26: Special Seminar 11 am - Noon Tidewater conference room 2302 Noboru Minakawa  (Nagasaki University, Japan) " African Malaria Vector Ecology and Control".

February 8:  Mardi Gras Holiday- No seminar

February 15: Ousmane A. Koita (University of Bamako, Mali) and Donald Krogstad (DTM) " Randomized, Blinded Phase 1 Clinical Trial of an Investigational Antimalarial, AQ-13 vs. Artémether + Luméfantrine for the Treatment of Uncomplicated P. falciparum Malaria ”.

February 22: Douglas Rice (UND) " Zinc(II)-Dipicolylamine Coordination Complexes as Targeting and Chemotherapeutic Agents for Leishmania major ".

February 29
: Sponsored by SPHTM Daniel Bausch (DTM) " Emerging Infectious Diseases and Pandemics: Ebola's Message ".

March 7:
Monica Embers (Tulane National Primate Research Center) " The Challenges of Diagnosing and Curing Lyme Disease ".

March 14: Rebecca C Christofferson (LSU) " Investigations of antibody cross-neutralization among Flaviviruses and implications of Zika emergence in Dengue Enemic Regions ".

March 21: Claribel Murillo (DTM) " HSP90 Proteins in Malaria Parasites: Essential Non-Redundant Roles During Intraerythrocytic Development ".

March 28:
Andrea Ropolo (Instituto Martín Ferreyra Argentina) " Deep inside the nuclei: decoding the role of the enzyme arginine deiminase during Giardia lamblia encystation ".

April 4: Nirbhay Kumar (DTM)- CANCELED

April 11: Elizabeth Didier and Marissa D. Fahlberg (Tulane National Primate Research Center) " Macrophages and Aging - Early Lessons from SIV/AIDS Rhesus Macaque Model ".

April 14: Christopher M. Kribs (University of Texas at Arlington) " Conclusions from mathematical models for sylvatic Trypanosoma cruzi transmission dynamics in the southeastern US ".

April 18: Dawn Wesson (DTM) " Can Zika be Stopped? "

April 25: Special Seminar 2 pm - 3 pm JBJ Conference room, 504 Carolina Touz (Instituto Martín Ferreyra, Argentina). " Exploring the Unique Dual Function and the Evolutionary Relationship of the giardial epsin-like Protein ".

April 28: David B. Weiner (UPenn) " Tales of Synthetic DNA Approaches for Difficult Immune Targets ".


Fall 2015

September 14, 2015: Patricia Scaraffia (DTM) "Alanine aminotransferase is involved in the metabolic regulation of nitrogen waste in blood-fed Aedes aegypti mosquitoes"

September 21, 2015: Ahmed Ali (DTM) - CANCELED

September 28, 2015: Kevin A. Caillouet (St. Tammany Parish Mosquito Abatement District) "After Dark in Your Backyard: The Effects of Intra-Specific Heterogeneity on West Nile virus Transmission and its Implications for Disease Prevention"

October 5, 2015: James Robinson (Tulane) "Characterization of Neutralization Epitopes of Lassa Fever Virus Glycoproteins"

October 7, 2015: Andres G. (Willy) Lescano (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia) "The Field Epidemiology International Course in Peru"

October 19, 2015:
"How to Thwart Candida, a masterful opportunist?"
Joy Sturtevant (LSU)

October 26, 2015: 64th ATSTMH Meeting

October 30, 2015: Mathieu Nacher (Université de Guyane) "Worms and Malaria: Parasites Sharing a Human Host"

November 9, 2015: Joshua Yukich (DTM)"When is it safe for malaria control and elimination programs to scale back vector control? Literature review and simulation study"

November 16, 2015: Lucia Freytag (Tulane) "Evaluation of dmLT adjuvant in Experimental Vaccines Against Shigellosis"

November 23, 2015: James B. McLachlan (Tulane) "Immunity to Persistent Salmonella Infection--Why Location Matters"

November 30, 2015:Michael Deshotel (DTM)- CANCELED

Spring 2015

January 13, 2015: Miguel Morales (UND) "Stress response in Leishmania"

January 26. 2015: Marcelo Kuroda (TNPRC) "Critical role of macrophages in the pathogenesis of AIDS using the SIV/macaque model"

February 2, 2015: Natthida Petchampai (DTM) "Signal transduction and rickettsial infection of tick cells"

February 9, 2015: Amitinder Kaur (NEPRC) "The innate immune system in AIDS pathogenesis"

February 23, 2015: Sam Jameson (DTM) "The reservoir host blame game: Misunderstandings, myths, and mistakes in the life cycle of Trypanosoma cruzi in the Southeastern United States"

March 2, 2015: Catherine Nation (DTM) "Dissecting promastigote to amastigote differentiation in Leishmania amazonensis"

March 9, 2015: Kevin Caillouet (St. Tammany Parish Mosquito Abatement District) - CANCELED

March 16, 2015: Preston Marx (DTM) "Kuru, leprosy & other AIDS topics..."

March 23, 2015: John Schieffelin (DTM) "Ebola: An update on diagnostics and therapy"

March 30, 2015: Spring Break

April 6, 2015: Berlin Londono (DTM) "The Perfect Complement for Dengue"

April 9, 2015: David B. Weiner (UPenn) "Synthetic DNA Vaccines for Difficult Infectious Disease Targets"

April 13, 2015: Patricia Dorn (Loyola) "Cryptic Species Revealed by Phylogeography of Triatoma dimidiata, the Main Chagas Vector in Central America"

April 20, 2015: General Faculty Meeting

April 27, 2015: Thomas Eisele (DTM) "Population-Wide Malaria Testing and Treatment with Rapid Diagnostic Tests and Artemether-Lumefantrine in Southern Zambia: A Community Randomized Step-Wedge Control Trial Design"

May 4, 2015: Claudia Herrera (DTM)


Fall 2014

September 22: Fernando Noriega (FIU) "Neuropeptides, flux theory, and regulation of juvenile hormone synthesis in mosquitoes"

October 6: Jun Isoe (University of Arizona) "More detailed views of mosquito oogenesis and blood meal digestion"

October 13: Claribel Murillo-Solano (DTM) "In vitro susceptibility of P. falciparum to HSP90 inhibitors"

October 27: William Wimley (Tulane) "Combating antibiotic resistance with synthetic molecular evolution: Engineering a new generation of peptide antibodies"

November 7: Adriana Costero-Saint Denis (NIH) "NIH application process and funding opportunities, with emphasis on DMID programs"

November 10: Eric Dumonteil (Universidad Autonoma de Yucatán) "Chagas disease control: Can we meet the goals of the London declaration on neglected tropical diseases?"

November 17: Shaymaa Abdalal (DTM) "Distinct essential functions for polyamine biosynthesis enzymes in malaria parasite blood and mosquito development stage"

November 24: Glen Palmer (LSU) "The Candida albicans vacuole: a story of virulence, drugs, and exploitation"

December 1: Rajesh Kumar (DTM) "A nanoparticle delivery of P. falciparum Pfs25 induced potent malaria transmission blocking immunity"

December 8: Juan Martinez (LSU)"Spotted fever group rickettsiae: molecular mechanisms of disease"

Spring 2014

February 3: Lisa Morici (Tulane) "Bacterial-derived membrane vesicles as a multi-antigen vaccine platform"

February 17: Kristen Healhy (LSU) "Predicting Asian tiger mosquitoes through time and space"

February 18: Mark Riddle (NMRC) "Development of vaccines against bacterial diarrheas: Needs, challenges, and progress"

March 17: Avik Biswas (DTM) "Analysis of Hepatitis B virus (HBV) genetic variability and its impact on pathogenesis: Implications in Eastern Indian HBV carriers"

March 24: Mariana Leguia (NAMRU) "Assessing dengue-induced changes in gene expression profiles via ribosome profiling"

March 24: Marcin Kwissa (Emory) "Systems biological analysis of dengue infection reveals a role of CD14+CD16+ monocytes in stimulating plasmablast differentiation"

March 31: Alison Quayle (LSU) "Chlamydia trachomatis in the human endocervix: How local environment influences survival"

April 7: Yi Cao (DTM) "Construction of a transgenic murine malaria parasite for the evaluation of a P. falciparum blood-stage vaccine"

April 15: Bernadette Ferraro (U. Penn) "Inducing Humoral Responses to Multiple Sporozoite and Liver Stage Malaria Antigens Using Exogenous Plasmid DNA"

April 28: Christopher Mores (LSU) "The emergence of dengue and chikungunya viruses: Invasive arboviral threats to the US"

May 5: Virginia Belloni (DTM) "Effect of L-cycloserine on blood-fed Aedes aegypti mosquitoes"

May 12: Kevin Macaluso (LSU) "Arthropod-Rickettsia interactions: ecological and molecular analysis"

Fall 2013

September 30: Seth Pincus (LSU) "Eradicating HIV infection with antibodies and immunoconjugates"

October 14: Patricia Scaraffia (DTM) "Investigating nitrogen metabolism in Aedes aegypti mosquitos using multiple approaches"

October 21: Hee-won Park (Tulane) "Progress in structure-based development of narrow-spectrum antibiotics from vitamin analogs"

October 28: Deepak Kaushal (Tulane) "How Mycobacterium tuberculosis copes with stress"

November 4: Anusha Gopalakrishnan (DTM) "Genetic recombination and hotspot recognition - Does Plasmodium care?"

November 11: Claudia Herrera (DTM) "Revising Chagas disease in the United States: Do we really know enough?"

November 18: Edward Wojcik (LSU) "Drug leads against microtubule motors in Plasmodium: How a non-conserved protein segment turns out to be more important than it looks"

November 25: Cecilia Sanchez (Tulane) "From the lung to the heart of Chagas: Repurposing an FDA-approved drug to treat patients with chronic Chagas disease"

December 2: Carrie Manore (Tulane) "Toward an early warning system for forecasting human West Nile Virus incident"

December 9: Pamela Kozlowski (LSU) "Shigella LPS-invasin complex as an adjuvant for nasal HIV vaccines"

December 16:  Dawn Wesson (DTM) "Vector ecology research in the Department of Tropical Medicine: What do kissing bugs and yellow fever have in common?"


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