Article I – General


  1. The Staff Advisory Council (the “council”) of Tulane University (the “university”) is an advisory body of elected and appointed staff employees and is the only staff assembly recognized by the university administration as officially representing the views of staff employees.

  2. The council’s responsibilities include:
  1. Requesting official interpretation or clarification of university policies.
  2. Discussing and expressing its views on matters of overall staff welfare.
  3. Recommending modifications of university policy.
  4. Suggesting staff employee representation on any appropriate university committee.
  5. Seeking staff employee representation on an appropriate university committee.
  6. Being a productive voice to further the aims of the university through improved relations among all  staff employees and between all staff employees and the university administration.
  7. Fostering internal partnerships and external relations between staff employees, faculty, students, the greater New Orleans community and other Tulane publics.

In summary, the role of the council is to inform the administration of the views of staff employees on a wide range of topics affecting overall staff welfare or university operations.


  1. Regularly scheduled meetings of the council may be held monthly, except that no meeting shall be held in August or January. A regularly scheduled meeting of the council may be cancelled or postponed at the discretion of the chair.

  2. The chair shall call a special meeting of the council upon the written petition of a majority of the voting members.

  3. A simple majority of the voting membership of the council shall be considered a quorum for the purpose of conducting business.

  4. Attendance at council meetings is not restricted to members. Any staff employee may attend council meetings.

  5. Any person wishing to address the council must contact the chair for approval. The chair will then contact the corresponding secretary to place the person on the agenda for the next meeting.

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