Article II – Structure & Composition


  1. General. The membership of the council shall consist of:
  1. Representatives
  2. Officers
  3. Members-at-Large
  4. Ex-Officio Members
  1. Districts. The three districts of the council are:
  1. Uptown campus
  2. Downtown campus
  3. National Primate Research Center campus

Representatives shall be elected by district, with the intent of achieving proportional representation on the council based on the relative numbers of staff employees in each district. The duties and manner of election of representatives are set forth in Article III below.

  1. Officers. The officers of the council shall consist of:
  1. Chairperson (the “chair”)
  2. Vice-Chairperson (the “vice chair”)
  3. Recording Secretary
  4. Corresponding Secretary
  5. Election Coordinator

The duties and manner of election of the officers are set forth in Article IV below.

  1. Members-at-Large. The officers may appoint a maximum of four members-at-large. Each member-at-large must be approved by a majority of the officers. Members-at-large do not have voting privileges. Members-at-large  must have served at least one year as a representative. Members-at-large are appointed for a one year term (or a portion thereof in the case of an appointment to fill a mid-year vacancy), beginning on July 1 and concluding on the next subsequent June 30.
  1. Ex-Officio Members. The following persons shall be ex-officio members of the council:
  1. Immediate past chair
  2. Senior administrator representing Workforce Management Organization
  3. Workforce Management Organization employees designated by the senior administration
  4. Other invited administrative officers and staff members.

Ex-officio members may participate in council meeting discussion. With the exception of the immediate past chair, ex-officio members do not have voting privileges.

  1. The chair may appoint a parliamentarian from the voting membership. The Parliamentarian is responsible for maintaining order in council meetings as per Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised (tenth edition). The parliamentarian should be knowledgeable in parliamentary law and shall chair the council constitution committee.


  1. Representation in the council for each district shall be based on the relative number of staff employees in each district, with the goal of one (1) representative per every one hundred (100) staff employees.

  2. The council shall review its composition every year before elections. This review shall evaluate the relative size of the council’s constituents to ensure equitable representation.

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