SAC Constitution

Revised May 2008

Questions about the Constitution should be directed to the Parliamentarian.




Article VI – Standing Rules

Standing rules relate to the orderly transaction of business in the meetings of the council and can be changed or suspended immediately upon approval of a majority rule of the voting members of the council in attendance at a meeting where a quorum is present. A change to the standing rules cannot be adopted and later altered or suspended in the same fiscal year. Procedural decisions of the council shall be incorporated into the standing rules annually. In the event of any conflict between the standing rules and the constitution, the constitution shall control.

The minimum standing rules shall be:

  1. Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised (tenth edition) will prevail in conducting business.
  2. The order of business to be followed at the meetings of the council will be as follows:
  1. Reading and Approval of Minutes.
  2. Officer Reports.
  1. University Senate.
  2. Board of Tulane University.
  1. University Senate Committee Reports.
  2. Council Committee Reports.
  3. Workforce Management Organization Reports.
  4. Unfinished Business.
  5. New Business.
  6. Next Meeting Date Announcement.
  7. Adjournment.
  1. The senior administrator in the Workforce Management Organization or a designee shall attend each meeting of the council.

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