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University Senate Committees

Click the link above to view a list of all the University Senate Committees and memberships, including those SAC representatives that serve on committees.  


SAC Committees

Community Service

Rose Carr
Jennifer Huber (chair)
Olivia Mitchell
Mel'isa Morel
Margaret Rabito
Roblynn Sliwinski



Aleshia Butler (chair)
Joseph Ghattas
Jennifer Huber


Health & Wellness

Nicole Bush
Avery MacLean
Leslie Marsh
Mel'isa Morel
Margaret Rabito
Lawrence Smith (chair)


Staff Appreciation

Trina Beck
Evane Charles
Jennifer Huber (co-chair)
Alysia Loshbaugh
Avery MacLean (co-chair)
Brooke Pham
Jackie Rouege


Staff Issues

Allyson Brusseau
Will Ferbos
Jennifer Huber (chair)
LaShanda Robinson
Lawrence Smith
Judy Weaver
Beth Wilde



Kristy Catlin
Tim Deeves (chair)
Hunter Ely

WFMO Liaison

Lawrence Smith


Representative to the Board of Administrators

Hunter Ely


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