Proposed Changes to Senate Bylaws

Here are three documents submitted by the Faculty Subcommittee of the Sexual Assault Task Force. They wish to proposed an amendment to the University Senate bylaws to create a university-wide grievance committee to address cases of alleged EO violations by faculty.  The documents include drafts of the text of the amendment itself, the committee's rationale for this recommendation, and a draft of the policies that would govern the work of the committee. They will not be discussed on the floor of the Senate until the amendment is formally submitted for a first reading.  Nevertheless, the subcommittee is now looking forward to hearing feedback, comments and or revisions from the Senate membership and the University community at large. 

Please forward your comments to  the chair of the subcommittee, Prof. Sally Kenney at

Rationale for Amendment to Bylaws (uploaded 11.12.18)

Proposed Amendment to Senate Bylaws (uploaded 11.12.18)

Title IX Harassment Committee Policy (uploaded 11.12.18)

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