Information Technology


Susann Lusnia (18)

Faculty Members

Laurie Earls (SSE) (20)
Michelle Sanchez (SSE) (19)
Brian Summa (SSE) (20)
Allison Truitt (SLA) (19)
Jeffrey Shaffer (SPHTM) (20)
Tonya Carter-Wright (SOM) (19)
Kay McLennan (SOPA) (18)
Scott Bernhard (Arch) (18)
John Page (ABF) (20)
James Duggan (Law) (20) 
TBD (SSW) (20)

Student Members

USG: TBD (20)

Staff Members

Steve Coy (18)
Hunter Ely (19)

Administrative Members (voting)

Dean: TBD
VP, Enrollment Management: Satyajit Dattagupta

Administrative Members (non-voting)

Chief Information Officer: Charlie McMahon
Dean, Libraries: David Banush
Faculty Technology Lab: Mike Griffith
Director, Administrative Computing: Mary T. Walsh
Director of Networking: TBD
Health Sciences: TBD

Administrative Liaison

Exec VP, University Relations & Development: Ginny Wise (interim)


Executive: to review, evaluate, and recommend strategies, plans, and policies that will lead to optimal use and development of information technology. This will include: a) reviewing technology infrastructure needs of the University community to support teaching, administration and research; b) evaluating strategic directions, current and future capabilities, and objectives for campus IT support, including learning technologies; c) recommending methods for coordinated implementation of campus IT projects and initiatives; and d) reviewing the annual budget proposals for centralized IT facilities and services.

Advisory: to make recommendations to the Senate in this area.


Faculty - two from Liberal Arts, three from Science and Engineering, one each from Business, Law, Architecture, Social Work, Medicine, Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and Continuing Studies. Students - one undergraduate and one graduate. Staff - one from uptown and one from downtown or elsewhere. Administrative (voting) - one academic dean and one of the Directors of Admissions; (non-voting) - Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Technology Officer, Director of the Innovative Learning Center, Director of Administrative Computing, Director of Networking, Dean of Libraries, representative of the Health Sciences Center.

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5000