drury_headshot Our research in the Bangl laboratory focuses on how the interaction of genetic and epigenetic factors with early experience shapes child neurodevelopment and long term health outcomes in children. The goal of our translational research is to provide an enhanced understanding of the interaction between early life experiences, the parent-child relationship, the stress response systems, and neurodevelopment. Our work goes from DNA to Cells to Neurons to Neighborhoods and back. By increasing our understanding of all of these factors we expect to assist in developing new ways to the health and wellness of children and their families.  

Stacy S Drury, M.D., PhD. 

Remigio Gonzales MD, Professor of Child Psychiatry

Vice Chair of Research, Department of Pediatrics

Associate Director, Tulane Brain Institute

LAB CONTACT:, 504-988-1438

BANGL lab:, phone 504-656-6449


Infant Development Study



Video and Pod Cast Presentations

The infant development study

Interview with Dr. Stacy Drury about telomeres and mothers

Understanding the new neuroscience and the link with child psychiatry- the Ome's, ips and ic's

Pod cast with Dr. Stacy Drury and Dr. Jeremy Vennstra-Vander Weele

Rethinking Risk and Resiliency
Case Western Reserve University Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds 1/11/2013


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