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Important Deadlines


Submit Application for Degree Form (includes Masters degrees with no thesis required)      

Oct. 2 (Fall)
Jan. 30 (Spring)
June 6 (Summer)

Submit dissertations or theses in final form     

Dec. 11 (Fall)
April 7 (Spring)
Aug. 1 (Summer)

Degrees Conferred         

Dec. 31 (Fall)
May. 20 (Spring)
Aug. 15 (Summer)



The Registrar's Office distributes diplomas. Diplomas are not available until after the degree is conferred. Because there is no commencement in August or December, graduates complete the appropriate portion of the Application for Degree form to obtain their diploma. Students may opt to pick up their diploma, have the diploma mailed, or request that the diploma be held by the Registrar's Office until commencement. May graduates complete this portion of the form only if they do not intend to participate in commencement. Diplomas will no longer be distributed after the unified ceremony.

To assist the BMS Graduate Programs office in providing you with important information, your current, valid mailing address and a current e-mail address should be on file with this office. This information should be included on the diploma form. These forms are required to complete the application for degree process. The forms can be obtained from the BMS Graduate Program office or online. The information on the commencement form is also provided to the University Registrar for mailing your diploma if you wish it to be mailed to you. An acceptable mailing address, not a post office box number, must be provided on this form. The address can be used by all university offices to provide you with information about graduation.

Required Forms

Students who wish to graduate must complete an application for degree. Applications for degree must be filed for the current term. Applications filed in previous terms are not valid.

Master's Students Are Required to Complete the Following Forms:

Application for Degree

Final Examination/Oral Defense Form: For Students who have completed a thesis

PhD Students Are Required to Complete the Following Forms:

Application for Degree

Final Examination/Oral Defense Form

Survey of Earned Doctorates (online version)

UMI Website

Howard-Tilton Memorial (electronic submission)


Thesis/Dissertation Submission

Students should allow themselves ample time to defend their theses/dissertations and complete any necessary revisions before the submission deadline posted by the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences. Please submit electronic copies of your dissertation/thesis with committee signatures to UMI and the Tulane Library for official publication. The thesis submitted to the BMS Graduate Program office must be the final copy, on archival quality paper, with original signatures of the committee.
Theses/Dissertations have to be in a specific format. Formatting instructions can be found in the Guideline for Preparing Theses and Dissertations. Students may have their dissertations reviewed for formatting prior to submitting the final copy. Theses/Dissertations are not accepted after the submission deadline and  must be submitted in person.


Fees should be paid when the application for degree is filed or when the thesis/dissertation is submitted. The fees should be paid by check or money order and made out to Tulane University. Fees vary depending upon the degree awarded.

Master’s degree = $35.00
PhD degree = $55.00

    * UMI fees, w/o copyright = $65.00
    * UMI fees, w copyright (optional) = $160.00

Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-988-5226