External Advisory Board

The EAB consists of a group of outstanding scientists with extensive leadership experience and sustained records of research productivity and program development. The EAB meets once per year to review the Investigators, the core facilities and the administration of the program. The EAB advises the Program Director with respect to the research projects of the junior investigators and the mentoring efforts. The EAB additionally provides areas of expertise for the junior faculty in areas of Cancer Genetics and Gene Expression.

Dr. Theodore Friedmann
Theodore FriedmannDr. Friedmann holds the Muriel Jeannette Whitehill Chair in Biomedical Ethics and serves as the director of the Program in Gene Therapy at the University of California at San Diego. He also served as Co-leader of the UCSD Cancer Genetics Program for five years. He has a broad background in human genetics, as well as technical molecular biology. Dr. Friedmann has a 30-year history of NIH funding and currently is supported by two NIH R01 grants. He has served on HIH study section and participates in a number of advisory committees. His outstanding tradition of mentoring and faculty development makes Dr. Friedmann an ideal member of the Advisory Board.

Dr. Thomas Glover
Thomas GloverDr. Glover is a Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Michigan. He has a long track record in the field of genetic instability and has several NIH grants as well as private foundation support. Dr. Glover has served on NIH study section as well as the board of the March of Dimes. He is committed to fostering the careers of young scientists and is a valuable asset to the project.



Dr. Xiao-Fan Wang
Xiao-Fan-WangDr. Wang is an Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology at Duke University. He is an extremely successful scientist in the field of signaling associated with genetic instability. He has an outstanding record of peer reviewed funding and currently has multiple NIH grants. He has a prolific record of postdoctoral training and has served on several different study sections and editorial boards. Dr. Wang’s expertise is invaluable to the junior investigators.


Dr. Bronya Keats
Bronya KeatsDr. Keats received her PhD from the Australian National University in 1976 and spent five years in the Population Genetics Laboratory at the University of Hawaii as an assistant researcher. In 1982 she accepted an assistant professor position at LSU Health Sciences Center, was promoted to associate professor in 1986, full professor in 1991 and was appointed Director of the Molecular and Human Genetics Center of Excellence in 1998 and Chair of the Department of Genetics in 2000. Dr. Keats was co-Director of the COBRE until her retirement in 2008. She has returned to her native Australia.

Much of Dr. Keats’ research has revolved around genetic mapping and gene identification studies in humans and mouse, in particular disorders in the Acadian population, focusing on hearing loss and hereditary ataxias. She has been awarded substantial funding from the NIH as well as other entities, including the Louisiana Board of Regents, the Foundation Fighting Blindness, the National Ataxia Foundation, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.








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