The People of Tulane Cancer Center Research

J Quincy BrownJ. Quincy Brown, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Tulane Cancer Center Program Member in the Clinical & Translational Research Program

Contact Information
Phone: 504-865-5851
Address: Tulane University, Lindy Boggs Center, Suite 500, New Orleans, LA 70118

Biographical Narrative

Dr. Brown obtained his Ph.D. in biomedical rngineering from Louisiana Tech University in 2005. As a graduate student, he pioneered the development of nano-engineered optical enzymatic glucose micro sensors for application to diabetic monitoring. He then moved to the Duke University Department of Biomedical Engineering, where he was a postdoctoral NRSA fellow (NCI), eventually being promoted to assistant research professor. During his tenure at Duke, Dr. Brown focused on applications of quantitative tissue spectroscopy and optical imaging for improving breast cancer patient outcomes. This included clinical investigations into the link between molecular subtype and tumor vascular oxygenation in vivo, and the use of quantitative diffuse optical imaging for intraoperative detection of residual cancer on the margins of tumor resection specimens. He moved to Tulane in 2012, where he is continuing translational research into the development and use of high-throughput fluorescence-enhanced optical microscopy for detection of positive surgical margins, ischemia and re-perfusion monitoring during partial nephrectomy, and sensing of the tumor microenvironment.

Selected Publications
Millon SR, Ostrander JH, Brown JQ, Rajeha A, Ramanujam N, “Uptake of 2-NBDG as a method to monitor therapy response in breast cancer cell lines,” Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 126:55-62, 2011.

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Brown JQ, Bydlon TM, Richards LM, Yu B, Kennedy SA, Wilke LG, Geradts J, Junker M, Gallagher J,  Ramanujam N, “Optical assessment of tumor resection margins in the breast,” Invited paper, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics on Quantum Electronics, 16:530-544. 2010.*

Ostrander JH, McMahon CM, Lem S, Millon S, Brown JQ, Seewaldt V, Ramanujam N., “Optical redox-ratio differentiates breast cancer cell lines based on receptor status,” Cancer Research, 70:4759-66, 2010.*

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Millon SR, Ostrander JH, Yazdanfar S, Brown JQ, Bender JE, Rajeha A, Ramanujam N., “Preferential accumulation of ALA-induced PpIX in breast cancer: A comprehensive study on six breast cell lines,” Journal of Biomedical Optics, Vol. 15, 018002 (Feb. 18, 2010).

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Brown JQ, Wilke LG, Geradts J, Kennedy S, Palmer GM, Ramanujam N, “Quantitative optical spectroscopy: A robust tool for direct measurement of breast cancer vascular oxygenation and total hemoglobin content in vivo,” Cancer Research, 69:2919-2926, 2009. *


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