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Jeanette GustatJeanette Gustat, PhD, MPH
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology
Tulane Cancer Center Associate Member

Contact Information
Phone: 504-988-1029
Address: 1430 Tulane Ave., SL-18, New Orleans, LA 70112

Biographical Narrative

Dr. Gustat's research interests include environmental determinants of health, including aspects of our surrounding environment that contribute to inactivity and obesity. She is currently working on projects investigating how parks, playgrounds and neighborhood environments influence physical activity through her position as lead investigator of the Tulane Prevention Research Center and her work with Dr. Ariane Rung at the LSU School of Public Health. This work is funded through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She is also interested in physical activity, obesity, psychosocial factors and cognitive function and how these factors play a role in cancer and cardiovascular disease outcomes. She is currently funded by the National Institute of Aging (R03) to investigate the relationship between cognitive function and cardiovascular risk in the Bogalusa Heart Study population. Additionally, as an instructor of several courses in the Department of Epidemiology, she is also interested in epidemiologic methods, survey research methods and ethics of epidemiology.

Selected Publications
Bedimo-Rung AL, Thompson J, Mowen AJ, Gustat J, Tompkins B, Strikmiller PK, Southern MS. The condition of neighborhood parks following hurricane Katrina: Development of a post hurricane assessment instrument. J Phys Act Health, 2008; 5: 45-57.

Hanisch R, Gustat J, Hagensee ME, Baena A, Salazar JE, Castro MV, Gaviria AM, Sanchez GI. Knowledge of Pap screening and human papillomavirus among women attending clinics in Medellin, Colombia. Int J Gynecol Cancer. 2007. doi:10.1111/j.1525-1438.2007.

Bedimo-Rung AL, Gustat J, Tompkins B, Rice J, Thompson J. Development of a direct observation instrument to measure environmental characteristics of parks for physical activity. (Invited submission) J Phys Act Health, 2006; 3:S176-S189.

Ellsworth DL, Coady SA, Chen W, Srinivasan SR, Elkasabany A, Gustat J, Boerwinkle E, Berenson GS: Influence of β2-adrenergic receptor Arg16Gly polymorphism on longitudinal changes in obesity from childhood through young adulthood in a biracial cohort: the Bogalusa Heart Study. Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 2002; 26(7):928-37


1430 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112