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Suresh SikkaSuresh C. Sikka, PhD, HCLD
Associate Professor of Urology
Adjunct Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Biochemistry
Director of Andrology Clinic and Research Laboratories
Tulane Cancer Center Associate Member

Contact Information
Phone: 504-988-5179
Address: 1430 Tulane Ave., Box SL-42, New Orleans, LA 70112-2699

Biographical Information
Dr. Sikka received his Ph.D. from the Department of Pharmacology, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, India, in 1978. He did his post-doctoral fellowship from 1979-1982 in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles where he obtained training in the field of protein-lipid interactions in cell membranes, protein purification, and functional incorporation into liposomes. In 1982 Dr. Sikka moved to the Urology section of the Department of Surgery at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), as Urology Laboratory Research Director. Dr. Sikka joined the Tulane faculty in 1989 as Assistant Professor of Urology and Andrology Laboratory Director. He was responsible for setting up a CLIA-approved Andrology Clinical and Research Laboratory at Tulane Medical Center, catering to the needs of many infertility and sexual dysfunction patients. Dr. Sikka's current research focus is oxidative stress-related signal transduction pathways and gene expression involved in prostate tumorigenesis (BPH and cancer) and drug targeting. The Urology department has recently procured a Laser Capture Microscope (LCM) to microdissect specific and selective biological cells from various clinical samples. LEQSF has also recently funded the Department to acquire the latest DNA - microarray system for expression of specific genes (genomics), and their translational products (proteonomics). The lab routinely employs molecular biology, differential gene expression, suppressive subtractive hybridization, other cell biology, biochemical, and chemiluminescence techniques as well as xenograft and transgenic models of disease and in situ studies on human tissues approaches to address many questions as they relate to prostate tumorigenesis. Using a super-repressor I kappa B adenoviral delivery approach, the lab plans to evaluate the role of inhibiting the activation of the nuclear factor NF-kappa B in enhancing radio/chemosensitization and apoptosis of prostate tumor cells. Analysis of the expression and function of these genes should allow for a more in depth understanding of the processes controlling prostate tumor growth, invasion and metastasis. The ultimate aim is on developing new diagnostic tools and potential therapeutic applications using a gene therapy approach (pharmacogenomics).

Recent Publications
Sikka SC. (2001) Relative Impact of Oxidative Stress on Male Reproductive Function. Current Medicinal Chem 1: 851-862. Rajasekaran M, Hellstrom WJG, Sikka SC. (2001) Nitric oxide induces oxidative stress and mediates cytotoxicity to human cavernosal cells in culture. J Androl 22: 34-39.

Sikka SC, Champion H, Bivalacqua TJ, Estrada L, Wang R, Rajasekaran M, Aggarwal B, Hellstrom WJG. (2001) Role of genitourinary inflammation of infertility: detrimental effect of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and nterferon-gamma on human spermatozoa. Int J Androl (in press).

Nguyen A, Jing S, Mahoney S, Davis R, Sikka SC, Agrawal KC, Abdel-Mageed AB. (2000) In vivo gene expression profile analysis of metallothionein in renal cell carcinoma. Cancer Letters 160: 133-140.

Bivalacqua TJ, Champion HC, Mehta YS, Abdel-Mageed AB, Sikka SC, Ignarro LJ, Kadowitz PJ, Hellstrom WJG. (2000) Adenoviral gene transfer of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) to the penis improves age-related erectile dysfunction in the rat. Int J Impotence Res 12: 8-17.

Armstrong JS, Rajasekaran M, Chamulitrat W, Gatti P, Hellstrom WJG, Sikka SC. (1999) Characterization of reactive oxygen species induced effects on human spermatozoa movement and energy metabolism. Free Radical Biol Med 26(7/8): 869-80.


1430 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112