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Vecihi BatumanVecihi Batuman, MD, FACP, FASN
Professor of Medicine
Section of Nephrology & Hypertension
Tulane Cancer Center Program Member

Contact Information
Phone: 504-988-5346
Address: 1430 Tulane Ave., Box SL-45, New Orleans, LA 70112-2699

Biographical Narrative
Dr. Batuman received his MD from Hacettepe University Medical School in Ankara, Turkey, and completed his Internal Medicine and Nephrology training at Jersey City Medical Center, New Jersey Medical School. He was a full-time faculty member and Chief of the Renal Hypertension program in East Orange Veterans Affairs Medical Center before he joined the Tulane Program. He served as the President of the New Jersey Society of Nephrology in 1982. Dr. Batuman is certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology by the American Board of Internal Medicine and Nephrology and is recognized as Hypertension Specialist by the American Society of Hypertension. He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and a member of many professional societies including the American Society of Nephrology, International Society of Nephrology and American Society of Hypertension. His current laboratory research focuses on myeloma light chain metabolism and toxicity in kidney cells, endocytic receptors that mediate endocytosis and metabolism of filtered myeloma proteins in the kidney and the role of cytokines and transcription factors in the pathogenesis of kidney disease in myeloma. Dr. Batuman's other research interests include hypertension, lead nephropathy, Balkan endemic nephropathy, environmental kidney disease and dialysis.

Selected Publications
Batuman V, Guan S. Receptor-mediated endocytosis of immunoglobulin light chains in cultured proximal tubule cells. Am J Physiol 272 (Renal Physiol 41):F521-F530 (1997)

Puschett, J.B., Batuman V. Hypertension and the kidney: Medical Intelligence. Cardiovasc Risk Factors 7:7-16 (1997)

Batuman V, Verroust PJ, Navar GL, Kaysen JH, Goda FO, Simon E, Pontillon F, Lyles M, Bruno J, Hammond TG. Myeloma light chains are ligands for cubilin (gp280). Am J Physiol (Renal Physiol 44): F246-F254 (1998)

Zarifian A, Meleg-Smith S, O'Donovan R, Tesi RJ, Batuman V. Cyclosporine associated thrombotic microangiopathy in renal allografts. Kidney Int 55: 2457-2466 (1999)

Guan S, El-Dahr S, Dipp S, Batuman V. Inhibition of Na-K-ATPase activity and gene expression by a myeloma light chain in proximal tubule cells. J Invest Med 47: 496-501 (1999)

Pote A, Zwizinski C, Guan S, Simon EE, Batuman V. Cytotoxicity of myeloma light chains in cultured human proximal tubule cells. Am J Kidney Dis 36: 735-744 (2000)


1430 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112