A Physical Education program and concept of life long physical activity

"Children in the United States are fatter, slower, and weaker than their counterparts in other developed nations. In addition, U.S. children seem to be adopting a sedentary lifestyle at earlier ages."

- Preventive Medicine (July 1993)

TV watching and computer games occupy more time in growing children than classroom activity. Observations from the Bogalusa Heart Study show on average children are 5 kg (12 lbs.) heavier than in 1972. We now face an epidemic of obesity, increasing Type 2 diabetes, and an increase in its occurrence at a younger age.

Superkids/Superfit is an integral part of Health Ahead/Heart Smart. Developed by physical education specialists (primarily by Steve Virgilio, PhD, while at the University of New Orleans and his graduate students), this component encourages all children to participate and enjoy non-competitive physical activity, regardless of athletic abilities. These activities stress the importance of maintaining regular physical activity throughout one's lifetime. It encourages physical activity for all children, not just athletes, as a life long lifestyle for fun.

Superkids/Superfit is "user friendly". With it's easy to use Guidebook and Activity Box, any teacher regardless of physical training, will find Superkids/Superfit worthwhile. Since the program requires minimum equipment and space, teachers can apply Superkids/Superfit to any environment.

Guidebook, curriculum on Physical Education
Activity Box, non-competitive activities
Sample Activity Cards

Superkids/Superfit Guidebook is accompanied by the Superkids/Superfit Activity Box. The Guidebook will take you through all the components of the Superkids/Superfit program, from planning and class management to safety considerations and special activities. The Guidebook includes a section for dealing with limited space and implementing physical education activities in the classroom. The Guidebook, an integral part of Health Ahead/Heart Smart, is easy to use and affordable.

Along with the Superkids/Superfit Guidebook, there is a portable Activity Box containing approximately 300 cards. The activities are divided by descriptive content (e.g. football, jump rope, aerobic games, etc.).

Superkids/Superfit can be modified to meet the needs and objectives of individual classes and students. Each card explains the activity lesson, recommended age group, equipment needed, instruction & management techniques, and suggested variations.

The Activity Box and Guidebook help Health Ahead/Heart Smart become a more complete part of Health Ahead/Heart Smart.

Superkids/Superfit Activity Cards, examples:

Front of Introduction Card:
Back: Technique/Teaching Cues



Frisbee activities are popular with children and easy to organize. The activities that follow utilize basic throwing and catching skills in easy to manage drills and games.


Through these frisbee activities children will:

1. Engage in ample moderate-to-vigorous activity.

2. Learn and practice general throwing, catching, and game skills.

3. Enjoy being physically active

Front of Activity Card:
Back: Teaching Suggestions and Variations

144 NAME OF ACTIVITY: Out for a Pass


EQUIPMENT: 1 frisbee per pair

SKILLS EMPHASIZED: backhand throw, one hand catch, running


1.Students are in pairs.

2.Pairs are scattered within a large activity area


1.The student with frisbee is stationary. The other runs to open space to receive a pass.

2.After the catch, the thrower runs to catch a return pass. Continue alternating throwing and catching.


Guidebook, curriculum on Physical Education
Activity Box, non-competitive activities
Superkids/Superfit Lesson Plans

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