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Basic Science And Clinical Research and Independent Studies Selectives

Full-time studies, generally research, can be arranged on an individual basis in any of the basic science departments and credited as a Selective Advanced Clerkship.  Clinical research or independent studies may also be arranged for credit.  Although some adjustment as to when the research/independent studies Selective is to be taken may be made at scheduling time, all other arrangements described below should be made in advance.  If all arrangements are finalized before the student's scheduling appointment, a letter addressed to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs should be submitted at that time including the following:

  1. A brief description of the research/independent studies (a short paragraph is sufficient);
  2. The dates of the program, which must conform to one or more of the one-month senior block dates. (Dates must include at least 20 working days or multiples of 20 days);
  3. An approximation of the number of hours per week the program will require (minimum average of 40 hours per week);
  4. A statement that you will not receive a stipend or remuneration of any kind for your work;
  5. The name of the faculty member who will directly supervise the project and his signature indicating his approval;
  6. The name of the department chairman where the research/independent studies will be conducted and his/her signature (or the signature of the chairman's designee) indicating departmental approval; and;
  7. The signature of the Associate Dean and Director of Student Affairs, indicating approval of the course for Selective credit.

If all arrangements have not been finalized before the student's scheduling appointment, the letter described above must be submitted as soon as possible after initial scheduling.  Students may also arrange for a research or an independent study Selective later in the year.  The same requirements and procedures stated above apply.


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