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Pediatric Specialty Selectives - Ochsner Foundation Hospital

Note to all students: prior to adding or dropping an Ochsner pediatrics rotation, you must complete and have approved by Ochsner an elective application form. The forms are available from the Student Coordinator. Please plan ahead to facilitate your registration or rotation changes. Note to Visiting Students: Ochsner Foundation Hospital requires all visiting students to make arrangements for senior electives directly with their Medical Education Department by calling 504-842-3260.

Pediatric Cardiology

(Course Code: MDPD CAR OCH)

The objectives of this rotation introduce the student to tertiary pediatric cardiology practice and outpatient clinics; and to develop basic cardiology skills such as clinical examination. EKG interpretation, basic echocardiography, catheterization, intraoperative echo, post-op surgery management and extra corporeal life support.

Quota: 1 student (Blocks 01-10)
Duration: 4 weeks

Pediatric Critical Care

Course Code: MDPD CCM OCH)

This rotation focuses on the art and science of pediatric critical care. It will provide the foundation for understanding the pathophysiology of acute life-threatening diseases and advanced life support. It will introduce the medical student to the experience of taking care of a critically ill child and providing support for the family.

Quota: 1 student (Blocks 01-10)
Duration: 4 weeks

Genetics and Dysmorphology

(Course Code: MDPD GNT OCH)

Clinical experience in genetic evaluation of families with hereditary disorders, newborns and children with congenital malformations and couples at prenatal risk seeking prenatal diagnosis. Opportunity to present in oral and written fashion on pertinent topics (not required). No night call. No final exam.

Quota: 1 student (Blocks 01-10)
Duration: 1 month

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