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Course Description

Sub-Internships provide the student with experience and preparation for inpatient medical care, similar to that of a first year house officer and can be done in Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Psychiatry, or Obstetrics and Gynecology. When students are performing their Sub-Internship, regardless of department, they should act in all capacities as an intern, albeit with a smaller number of patients and greater supervision.

The goals of the sub-internship are for students to

  1. Be the "first evaluator" of patients
  2. Perform complete history and physical examinations on new admissions
  3. Independently establish a differential diagnosis
  4. Write admitting and daily patient diagnostic and therapeutic orders, under the supervision of a resident and/or attending physician
  5. Evaluate patients on a daily basis on morning rounds, and serve as the principle care giver, under the direct supervision of a resident and attending physician

Students can fulfill the requirement to complete their sub-internship at any of the major Tulane affiliated hospitals or at another Academic Health Center with prior approval from the Office of Student Affairs. Students cannot complete this requirement at a community hospital except in Family Medicine.

Because of the responsibilities involved in patient care, students are expected to provide appropriate care for patients, even on designated school holidays (e.g. July 4th, Martin Luther King Day, Mardi Gras, etc.). Sub-Internships should not be taken during months in which the student is interviewing extensively for residency positions. Students who are present fewer than twenty (20) days will be required to make up the time missed during these excused absences. The student will not receive a grade for the sub-internship until this time is made up. The amount and timing of the makeup will be at the discretion of the attending staff and the clerkship office. All anticipated absences must be cleared with the attending physician prior to the rotation.

To be eligible for the sub-internship in psychiatry:

  1. You MUST be applying for psychiatry residency.  
  2. You must have approval from Dr. Weiss, 
  3. There are limited slots available for this sub-internship, so they are available on a first come, first serve basis

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