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Outpatient Clinics at TUHC and Ochsner

This elective is for students with an interest in learning more about how to diagnose and treat allergic and immunologic diseases.  Students will travel to various outpatient clinics at Tulane and Ochsner.  Students will work directly with fellows and attendings in the Section of Allergy and Immunology.  Students are expected to participate in seeing clinic patients and attend all Allergy and Immunology conferences. 

Maximum number of students:  1
Timeframe:  2 or 4 weeks
Available Dates:

  1. May 7th – June 1st
  2. June 4th – June 29th
  3. July 2nd – July 27th
  4. July 30th – August 24th
  5. August 27th – September 21st
  6. September 24th – October 19th
  7. October 22nd- November 16th
  8. November 26th – December 21st
  9. January 7th – February 1st
  10. February 4th – March 1st
  11. March 4th – March 28th
  12. April 8th – May 3rd

Prerequisite:  Completion of the Internal Medicine Clerkship with a passing grade

***Will need provide own transportation to get to clinics***

Contact Information

Course Director:  Laurie Wild, M.D.
Program Coordinator: Pat Constant
Office Address:
Office Phone: (504)-988-5578
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